Our Signature Gin & Tonic

This National Gin & Tonic Day, we are thrilled to present our new Signature G&T list! Conjured up by our maestro Bar Manager Ashim, these combinations are unique and specially crafted to be enjoyed at any time of the day. 

All of our syrups are made in house, using sugar, citric acid and salt to bring out the best of the flavours – taming any bitterness and enhancing the fruity and floral notes. On the list you can find delicious combinations of peach and sage, lime and lemongrass, grapefruit and tarragon and chamomile and orange. 

Our personal favourite, seen here, is the Cucumber and Rose. Made with Ki No Bi – a small batch, artisanal Japanese gin – this is grassy, green and light, and the perfect opportunity for a tipple when you’re in town. 

Top Tip! Ashim recommends that you enjoy the Gin & Tonic – or any drink with a garnish – without a straw. The garnish enhances the aroma of the drink, and has been designed to pair beautifully 🌹 

Cucumber and Rose Gin & Tonic

50ml of Ki No Bi Gin
15ml of homemade Cucumber Syrup
10ml of fresh Lime Juice
100ml of Mediterranean Tonic
To garnish, a ribbon of cucumber (peeled with a vegetable peeler), and a rose petal

  1. Select your highball glass of choice, and either refrigerate it slightly or fill with ice whilst you gather your ingredients and prepare the garnish.
  2. Once prepped, empty the ice from the glass and begin assembling. Pour 50ml of Ki No Bi Gin into the glass – we carefully selected this gin due to the flavours given by its botanicals, but you can use an alternative at home!
  3. Pour in the cucumber syrup and fresh lime juice, and stir with a bar spoon to fully combine. Once mixed, add in your fresh ice – ideally a long rectangle of ice to keep the entire glass cool without melting too much.
  4. Carefully pour the Mediterranean tonic – you can pour it down your bar spoon to prevent losing any of the fizz, and give it a slight stir.
  5. Top with your garnishes – placing the cucumber ribbon alongside the ice and the rose petal on top. Enjoy with friends or alone.